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Bang automates deployment of server-based software projects.

Projects often comprise multiple servers of varying roles and in varying locations (e.g. traditional server room, cloud provider, multi-datacenter), public cloud resources like storage buckets and message queues and other IaaS/PaaS/Splat_aaS resources. DevOps teams already use several configuration management tools like Ansible, Salt Stack, Puppet and Chef to automate on-server configuration. There are also cloud resource orchestration tools like CloudFormation and Orchestra/Juju that can be used to automate cloud resource provisioning. Bang combines orchestration with on-server configuration management to provide one-shot, automated deployment of entire project stacks.

Bang instantiates cloud resources (e.g. AWS EC2/OpenStack Nova server instances), then leverages Ansible for configuration of all servers whether they are in a server room in the office, across the country in a private datacenter, or hosted by a public cloud provider.

Read the latest online documentation or browse through examples of stack configurations and playbooks.

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